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Your year in miracles

Here's to well-being for body, mind and soul – 
Get out of the pain and into the joy of life!


Is that your story too?

you have youfor this new year, maybe on New Year's Eve, on your birthday, or on another day that means a lot to you,performedthat noweverything will be different.

you have you a plandone, yours Plan written down and maybe already with youstarted with great enthusiasm.

Maybe you are already in the next phase and theenthusiasmfor the change you really want,has subsided.

theeverydaywith all its requirements has already given you countless good and reasonable reasons why youstoppedhave.

At first you only took a one-day break, then it became several and before you know it, you look back on weeks and months when youDidn't turn your wishes into reality.

This is the moment whenyou feel bad, because you do it againdidn't make itand

Your inner critic Nor is it long in coming to remind you how inept and worthless you truly are.  

What if this time it was simply time to get help with your projects,
to make it easier for you
to make your changes
and this time to be really proud of you?

​What if,

... you would know that you didthis time you will create sustainably

And with joy, lightness and many successes along the way.

... this new year is your year full of miracles? 
    and you can see and receive these wonders?

…it to youwould be impossible, ever againfall back into old habits? 

Because you havenow a secret recipetheYou put it to the acid test yourself, with which you alreadywere successfulthat you can easily use again and again toto stay on your path to success.

experiences of the participantsn Shared Your Year In Miracles:

  • “I always hadfears and stresswith colleagues at work. It went so far that I was sometimes afraid of what will happen to me again today. With Sissi's help I can meet my work colleagues in a very relaxed and relaxed way,I'm not scared anymore before going to work and the quality of my time at work has improved infinitely." (Hannah 50)

  • "I am beautifulHaven't driven the car in over 25 yearsand had severe anxiety and stress just thinking about it. For me, one of my miracles was that I wanted to enjoy the freedom that driving gives me again. Sissi's accompaniment through this program gave me thecourage and strengthgiven to be able to sit in a car again. Today I can say, with no hesitation, that I am againdriving pleasurehave." (Susanne 54) 

  • "One of mydreamswas earlier this yearan apartment in Vienna. I have had this wish in my heart for a long time and took my participation in “My Year in Miracles” as an opportunity to allow myself this wish and write it down.Despite Corona and the difficult circumstancesthis miracle has been fulfilled with such unexpected ease and fortunate circumstances that Ialready at Christmas time with my loved onesin the new apartmentcould spend.”(Juliane 52)

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           ( The names of the participants have been changed for data protection reasons)

There is a simple way you will succeed!

on this wayI accompany you a whole year, 12 months long.

During this time you getweekly inspirations, thesupport you in itcontaminated sitesthat hinder youto let goand to integrate new, helpful habits into your everyday life with ease and joie de vivre.

The big secret is the “time”

ifYou give yourself enough time, then your new behaviors,

Yournew habitsbecome and then runjust as automatically as the old ones used to be.

With the difference that the new habits support your wishes, dreams and goals,

To yougood reasons every daydeliver toto be proud of you

andTo be able to accept you as you are.

With all your sides, the good ones, the grumpy ones, the funny ones, the sad ones, the angry ones, the loving ones, all of them.

In yourmonthly individual sessions with me,we find the hidden, unconscious imbalances, stuck emotions and other phenomena that prevent you from experiencing your life, your health, your job, your business, your family, ... the way you really want it to be.

Your body will be supported using the most modern methods of holistic bodywork.

You can also enlist the strength and support of a group of like-minded people on this journey who, like you, are participants in this annual group.

What can you expect over the next 12 months apart from lots of fun, joie de vivre and lightness?

  • 1x per month can youyour individual session  enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     Helpmost modern methods in the field of bodyworkIn every session you free yourself from some of your hidden, unconscious obstacles and legacy and you feel a little more comfortable in your own skin every time

  • 1x a weekyou can at oneBody Awareness Meditation “The Way of Your Heart” take part. In these meditations you willhighest energies and healing streamsconnected, which supports your body in its healing processes and expands your consciousness. The power of the group amplifies the effect many times over. This takes place via Zoom.

  • 4 times a year there is one according to the circle of the yearmini workshopon interesting topics, a special body awareness mediation and helpful tips and tricks for body, mind and soul.

  • You get to know, experience, enjoy, love and appreciate yourself and your body in a new way.

  • You can use the power of the group for yourself - ask questions, exchange ideas and activate your cheerleaders. 

  • It will alsoalways surprisesfrom me that make it absolutely impossible for you NOT to enjoy this year with a lot of enthusiasm and joy.



  • Dein Jahr in Wundern

    Every month
    Anhaltendes Wohlbefinden und kraftvolle Vitalität
    Valid for 12 months
    • Dein Jahr in Wundern

ifYou are ready to fulfill your wishesand thechangesthat you finally want to doimplement, then log in.

thenumber of participantsis due to the availability of in-person sessions with melimited, it's best to secure your place now.

I'm really looking forward to the many miracles that are waiting for you and all of us this year. 


With kind regards

Done  Sissy

You can also just give me a callReserve your place immediately  0699-11 07 07 10

Frequently asked Questions:

What do I get every month?

You have1 monthly fixed date, for your personal 1:1 session, which we set every month. 

The appointment takes place via phone or Zoom. Anything is possible because the Emotion Code, Body Code, SAAMA and other methods I work with are meant for remote healing. 

Duration 1 hour 

It can take place on the same day at the same time every month, or we can arrange it every time for the next month.

  • Thatweekly accompanying programcomes by email (in writing, as audio or video) and is completely time-independent. You can make and try out the suggestions according to your own preferences.

  • theweekly "Way of your heart - body awareness meditation evenings"take place on Zoom and you can join us at any time.

  • Is this an annual program? 

    • Yes, is a program that goes over 1 year. 

    • Above all, the program is about what is really possible for you if you make a binding decision for yourself.

  • So if I choose to do that, am I committed for a year? I'm asking because there are weeks when I'm on vacation or when work is very intensive.

    •  Yes, it is an annual bond.

    •  Which youhave access to all exercises even on vacationand of course you can also make use of your personal appointments.


  • As for the group, are these group appointments held online - via zoom?

    • The weekly "Path of your heart - body awareness meditation evenings" take place via Zoom.

    • The mini workshops take place four times a year via Zoom.

If you have any further questions, you can call me at any time or contact me via email or the contact form.

  • Dein Jahr in Wundern

    Every month
    Anhaltendes Wohlbefinden und kraftvolle Vitalität
    Valid for 12 months
    • Dein Jahr in Wundern
Heidi Weilharter .jpg
Above all, your "year in miracles" that you started in 2021 was and is really a miracle for me.
You track down topics in me that I would never have found myself, let alone knew how to deal with them.
You explain things, circumstances and facts to me so that I can understand them!!
I can address my feelings honestly, you take me and my worries and problems seriously and make them important!
I'm learning to appreciate myself more and more and I dare to take on more and more challenges!
Your information, support, tips and life support have become a valuable part of my life - I definitely don't want to give them back!!

Heidi Weilharter 53,

Intensive care nurse Lower Austria

"I'm participating in the 2nd year of the program - Your Year in Miracles - and I can't even list all the miracles.

Violent fears and worries about my loved ones kept throwing me off course. I never knew when I'd feel bad again, I'd fall into a hole.

Since I've been working regularly with Sissi, I feel much lighter, many fears have disappeared, the worries are rarely there.

I can now help myself and get myself out of unpleasant situations more and more often.

The regular support has brought me a lot of stability, confidence in my own strength and abilities.

I would recommend this program to anyone!"

Claudia Czak 54, elementary teacher


“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

Lisa Driver, MI

My clients share these personal experiences:

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