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Light academy of the new time

Here you can find options with those 
you can make your own experiences and decide where your journey should go!

Book club for a living
in the new time
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Daily course zum 
Atlantean Heart Crystal
Body Awareness Meditations

Light academy of the new time

We can all live a much better life than we have known and that is what this Light Academy is here for. 

She is one of many emerging around the world to help humanity navigate this new age of change, chaos and turbulent energies.

The time has come when we can all reflect on our true being and our inner strength to find our way back to our truthfulness.

Albert Einstein once said:

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Here in the Light Academy you can rediscover and cultivate this holy gift.

Here you reconnect with your intuition, your heart power, your inherent divinity to walk the path into the golden age.

The path of your heart, the path of liveliness and joie de vivre

The way of the heart 

energetic healing - body awareness meditation

Treat yourself to precious time for yourself. Loving attention and accepting what is right now.

Immerse yourself in deep relaxation, security and come to you.

Healing currents and the highest energies of the new age support your healing, your expanded perception, strengthen your intuition and your trust in your abilities.

Alternate every Wednesday at 9 a.m. or at 8 p.m

Duration approx. 45 minutes

Monthly subscription € 44,-

Single booking € 21,-


Book club for a life in the new era

Discover Atlantis and the way of life of a high culture.

Get to know the techniques and practices with which you can now live the golden age in your everyday life.  

Start your world 

Book club - reading followed by discussion and exchange of experiences

Book Club 1 - Atlantis the awakening of a new culture

Duration 3 months, 

Meetings via Zoom every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Club fee 3 months € 162,-

next start date Jan 3rd 2023

Book Club 2 - Energetika, The Book of Energy and Liveliness

Duration 6 months

Meetings via Zoom every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

Club fee 6 months € 324,-

next start date Jan 10th 2023

Daily course 
Atlantean Heart Crystal

You are interested in energy work and already have initiation rituals


You want to have a permanently high energy level and a free,

lead independent lives.

With the reconnection to your Atlantean heart crystal you reconnect with your essence and the rich wealth of experience of all your past lives.

You gain access to Atlantean crystal technology, 

highest energies and you are reconnected to the full spectrum of your potential.

You can do your reconnection at any time with the book "Atlantic Heart Crystal" by Michaela Molls.

However, if you are someone like me who loves the special ritual and would like to experience this important step in a very special setting, then I cordially invite you to this day workshop.

On this special day, I will accompany you in my function as the Atlantean High Priestess through the back connections with your heart crystal and all the high energies that are also made available to you.

In guided meditations you will experience the energies up close in your body and in your perception. 

After this day you are permanently connected to your heart crystal and the high energies of Atlantis. 

Atlantis shows you the way to your highest potential and supports you on your way.

The possibilities that arise from this are endless, it is solely your free decision how you develop them through your devotion.

The day course takes place live in Graz, Vienna or online.

If you wish, you can book this day privately for yourself. 

Duration: 10h to 17h

Costs: € 333,- 

Appointments  1. quarter of 2023

Saturday 21 Jan (New Moon) - online

Saturday 18 Feb - Graz

Saturday 18 Mar - online

Saturday 15 Apr - Graz


Here you can download the book by Michaela Molls, "The Atlantean Heart Crystal" for free:

Atlantischer Herzkristall
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