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Atlantis - The Way of the Heart


Atlantis - a life in high culture,
free & energetic 


Atlantiswas the most highly developed high culture that has existed on this earth so far.

Now at the beginning of the "Golden Age" Atlantis is again gifting you with knowledge, high energies, frequencies and vibrations.

The Atlantean way of life supports your awakening and your development towards a free, self-determined and fulfilling life.

The connection back to yoursAtlantean Heart Crystalis your first step.

The knowledge, the culture, the high frequencies and Vibrations are available in den channeled books byMichaela Mollsavailable. 

Highest energies and frequencies await you in theCrystal Templeschanneled byAndrea Amberge.

And here in the Healing Room, you can anytimeAtlantean Crystal Healingtake advantage of.

On this page you will find each of these doors and you are cordially invited to enter.

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Atlantean Heart Crystal

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book v Michaela Molls
The Atlantean Heart Crystal

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